Logo Change

Hi all,
AISC is changing our logo! We have some designs that have came back from ASUW visual designers and we want to know your opinions! Take a look and comment below on your favorite design so far.

From left to right, to bottom left to right here are the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
AISC Logo Options-01*Note*
This is the first phase of submitting a logo change, the logo sample that gets the most comments will be in the running for becoming the possible new logo. We are submitting another revision and will keep you updated when those designs also come in.

Thank you for your participation!


President Mari Cauce Visits ASUW Senate

President Mari Cauce is scheduled to attend ASUW Senate today March 1st, 2016. The AISC Director and First Nations Senator Representative are planning to ask her questions about beginning dialogues with the Duwamish Tribe. The University of Washington college grounds are built on their tribal lands. So far, the Duwamish have been denied federal recognition by the state of Washington, an article written by the Seattle Times can be found here. There have been no repatriation efforts by the state of Washington or the city of Seattle for the Duwamish and has been a continuous conversation amongst Native and Indigenous students Рwhat role will the University of Washington take in interacting with this sovereign nation?

Other questions point to the involvement of UW Administration to support the AISC and constituents in making this university a safe space for Native and Indigenous students to express their identities and to have their voices heard.

The AISC and AISC Intern for 2016 are currently working on ASUW Senate Resolutions in support of having these issues directly addressed. So far the list of Resolutions in mind are:

Advocating for Smudging Ceremonies in UW Dormitories
Advocating for the Place Name Change of Whitman Walk
Advocating for more campus awareness and support of Native American Heritage Month in November

Stay turned for an update on the meeting and questions asked to and answered by President Mari Cauce.

– Jackie Hayes
2015 -2016 Commission Director for American Indian Students