About AISC

The ASUW American Indian Student Commission (AISC) is one of eight commissions established by the ASUW to help support the student voice of underrepresented communities.
The AISC is a University of Washington Inter-Tribal organization which exists to promote Native culture, education and Native students’ interests, needs and welfare. AISC supplements and complements the formal education of Native students at the University. We encourage the expression of Native students’ opinions and interests to the University of Washington and the community at large on issues affecting Native American student life and culture. We also promote non-discriminatory actions in all forms and forums. We provide a physically supportive environment to achieve these objectives. Our members are students of a Native American heritage and non-Native Americans who believe in, are interested in and willing to promote the purposes of the commission.
Our past activities have included social dances, orientations, speakers, multi-ethnic forums, film series, arts and crafts exhibits, mini pow-wows and an annual pow-wow. These activities have served to create an environment of social interaction, as well as an educational value for Native American and non-Native American students as well as a means of attracting new Native Americans as students to the University of Washington.